You Flee From Combat (2010)

You Flee From Combat is a piece that was first published in the journal OEI in 2010 in printed form. It was later shown in a very different format and setting on two occasions as a live performance. The starting point for this work in material terms was the game Aardwolf, a MUD game (Multi-User Dungeon), which means that it is an online game where the game world is shared and explored by many users at the same time. What is particular about Aardwolf is that it is purely text-based and as such represents a type of MUD common prior to technological developments that permitted graphics. Aardwolf represents in text a formidable world that in many ways represents a game space similar to World of Warcraft with the difference that all events and graphic representations consist of plain text descriptions. Through descriptions and textual-graphical representations known as AASCI-art, the player navigates through the game world whilst solving puzzles and finishing quests.Do

Video documentation from live performance, 2010.