Veøy (2005)

This piece were shown in a group exhibition in Ekenäs, Finland called Äga:rum, which were arranged by Pro Artibus between May and September 2005, curated by Gun Holmström.

This project is centred around Veøy, a small island on the west coast of Norway. It played a vital role as a centre for religion and trade from the Viking age and up to the black plague (AD 8-900 to 1350), but since then the island has been more or less abandoned, and there are not many traces left from its former status in the Romsdal fjord. There are no inhabitants on the island at the moment, and there are very few visitors there apart from boat tourists, much thanks to the huge amount of ticks. Due to its former status as a former religious and trade centre, Veøy plays a special role for the local population through myths, tales and folklore.
Location of Veøy
The piece consists of a big landscape that is build with a game engine. The user can freely walk wherever they want on the island. I have placed out images in the form of posters on certain places, which corresponds to the same location and angle where the image was taken. The images that I have selected are either images from archaeological sketches, family photos, historical images or just environmental images to get an impression of the island looks like. I has been important for me that the visitor gets a sense of physicality, that the island on which they are walking actually have a corresponding physical space. During my childhood, I have heard many stories that nurture the myths of Veøy. Now when I am older this island stills attracts my interest, probably because it hosts many of my childhood memories, and because its history stills remains a mystery.

The initial motivation for working with this project has been based on reflections around how important a physical place can influence your sense of identity. What does it mean to have a place from which we come from?

Screenshot from Veøy, work environment

Screenshot from Veøy, work environment.

Screenshot from Veøy

Screenshot from Veøy.

This piece is made as a game mod of the game Unreal Tournament 2003. If you have this game installed, you can download and install this game mod on your own computer. Contact me, and I will send you the required files and instructions.