Too Close for Comfort (2004)

Too Close for Comfort is a piece that were made for a group in conjunction with the Bergen International Film Festival, October 2004. It is a two and a half minutes long film, consisting of a split screen with two films running in sync with each other. The first part consists of a game sequence from an old flight simulator, crashing into the World Trade Center. The other part consists of a character running on a flat, green surface. At the exact time the plane crash into the building, the character jumps from what reveals itself to be a gorge or hole. It could also be the roof of a large building. The film were presented in an endless loop:

The first flight simulator I ever played was Sublogic’s Flight Simulator on Commodore 64. The refreshment rate on the screen was one frame per second, but that did not prevent us from wasting hours and days. The only buildings except airport towers were landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building and—World Trade Center. The two towers presented us with a potential mission – to fly in between them and go out on the other side. Before we realised that this was impossible (on the later Commodore Amiga version it was, but the collision test on the Commodore 64 version was too rudimentary), we tried just as many times as to make that my first association to the 9-11 attack in September 2001. The fascination for the World Trade Center in Flight Simulator might have been shared by other gamers as well: when Microsoft bought Flight Simulator from Sublogic and called (the exact same game) Flight Simulator III, it had a cover image of a plane—flying between the World Trade Center…

Cover of Microsofts Flight Simulator

Cover of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator III

This project can be downloaded as a high resolution DVD film (VIDEO_TS folder). Contact me, and I will send you the files.