Epicenter (2006)

Epicenter is a game art piece built with the free UnrealEngine2Runtime. It is available for download – please contact me and I will send you the required files. It is made with the UnrealEngine2 Runtime, and it requires Windows to run.

With Epicenter I wanted to create a state of stasis. We become witness to the release of a force, but time has stopped. We get to relive that moment over and over – as a bystander we get to reflect on what might have happened, or what might be the cause of the blast.

The visitor is met by a projection of what seems to be a foggy, white, weightless space in which they can navigate. As the visitors explores the space by floating around in the space, they discover that there are skeletons floating around, seemingly unmoving and in deformed positions. As the visitors move further into the space, the density of skeletons increase, as well as the sound’s volume, which is a recurring white noise sound. The light also increases and indicated along with the sound and the density of the skeletons that there is a centre in the space from where they originate.