50% seminar

You are all welcome to attend my 50% percent seminar on June 5th, 13.00-15.00 Robert Frank-salen, HFF, Storgatan 43, Göteborg. The opponent will be Professor Jeremy Welsh from Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB)

An explanatory excerpt from the abstract: “By looking at computer games from three perspectives: new media art, computer game theory and philosophical aesthetics, I attempt in this article to describe in which way computer games can be related to artistic production. The article is part of a practice-based PhD project that attempts to investigate the artistic potential of using computer game engines, specifically engines used to make computer games in the first person shooter genre, as an artistic tool to produce installation art. The first section discusses different forms of computer game art, with emphasis on art games that relate to my artistic practice, as well as other non-media specific perspectives that relate to my work, such as installation art. Using semiotics and narratology, the section on computer game theory attempts to describe the relation between narrative and ergodic elements in a computer game through narrative nodes. The section on philosophical aesthetics discusses the concept of play as outlined by Hans-Georg Gadamer, and how theory of play can be useful to understand play and its relation to art and ontological explanation.”